About VAS

VAS is your one-stop solution to virtually ANYTHING in the Fitness, Health, and Wellness industries!

Our experts will have you covered, whether you need Content, Administrative Support, Travel Arrangements taken care of, Social Media Management, Data Capturing, Email Marketing, you name it.

Who Am I

VAS is run and managed by a BADASS #bosslady, ready to solve your VA mystery. 

With over 10 years of experience in the Fitness, Health, and Wellness industries, with 2 BSc’s in Sport and Exercise Sciences, 4 years as a VA and OBM, and ample corporate experience to back it all up, I’m ready to take care of your business support needs. 

My Mission

My mission is to serve coaches and entrepreneurs within my niche, who aspire to be the best in their fields, but need a little help on the administrative side. 

If I can’t solve your problem, I’ll find a way to do so. I’m ready to support you with virtually, ANYTHING. 

What I Do

Short answer? 

Virtually, anything you might need assistance with in your business. 

Whether it’s Social Media Management, Content Creation, Business Coaching, Administrative Support, Customer Care Services, 
Project Management, Travel Arrangements, Day-to-Day Support, or just simply your right-hand when it comes to getting things done!

The VAS 6-D Process



Discover where you need your support lifeline most.

This is the area where you feel most overwhelmed with in your business. This is the area you have the least amount of time to invest, but has an impact on all areas of your business. 



Define the actual job description. 

Help me, help you. By knowing exactly what it is you need help with, and ensuring we’re on the same page, defining your reason for seeking a VA is one of the important step of our 6-D Process. 



Designing your business success plan. 

This is where I’ll compile all the information from step 1 and 2 to identify your needs and designing your business success plan to the T (of Victory)!



Thinking caps ON!

Developing your new business procedures, ensuring these procedures aligns with your brand, voice, and needs. 



Implementing and executing relief.

Once all procedures and development plans has been approved and tested, they will be implemented in your business asap. 



Delivering your new support service.

The final stage in our 6-D Process, is delivering the product or service that will make your business headaches disappear and set you free. 

Why choose VAS?

All designs are created with your brand and voice in mind. Ensuring that I resonate with your views and deliver a design that goes beyond your expectations. 

Working across various time-zones, ensuring a direct communication avenue. Providing support during your office hours daily, with a quick response and turn-around time frame. 

Each and every project I commit to, is solely focused on results. Working side by side with my clients, ensuring success. Transparency and Quality is the name of the game. 

With your right hand, just a click away, queries can be attended to as fast as they appear. 

With a bench full of experience, I strive to be the best I can be in my field of expertise. Constantly improving my skills, learning new tools, and applying new trends is what sets me apart form my competition. I’m all about delivering results, and taking you to your Super Bowl! 

Would you like to start a project with me?

VAS is your one-stop solution to virtually ANYTHING! Our experts will have you covered, whether you need content, administrative support, travel arrangements, social media management, data capturing, or any other tasks you might need help with. If I can't do it, I will have someone in my network who can!