Hey VA Friend!

Zands here! I wanted to share my 30 Day VA Mentorship program with you… But first, a little bit about me! 

I’m Zands, a South African girl dipped in wanderlust! A few years ago, while roaming South East Asia, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of VAing. After going all out, and researching every possible corner of this new venture filled with possibilities (thanks to my expert level OCD) and spending 2 years trying to figure this whole VA business out, I found myself packing my bags and heading to Bali to join Esther Inman’s Virtual Assistant Internship program (which if you CAN afford Esther’s program, DIVE RIGHT in). Fast forward a few years later, here I am, roaming the world, getting lost on the roads to new possibilities, while working with clients around the globe. Just living that location and financially independent life!

 Now, after some research, I’ve learned that not all newbies can afford to invest $500+ in a new career or course, and most of us need to start earning an income ASAP! This is why I launched a 30 Day VA Mentorship program, sharing my knowledge and skills with aspiring Virtual Assistants.

For more details on what the 30 Day VA Mentorship entails, click here.  

Chat soon!

Your VA Bestie, 

Zands x


P.S. If you do end up joining Esther’s 90DayVA course by using my affiliate link, you’ll get full access to my VA Business Resources File, and your own personal mentor, moi! 

Just drop me an email below, and I’ll get you sorted in a jiffy!!

You can access Esther's 90DayVA Internship here

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About my 30 Day VA Mentorship Program

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What my Mentees say

Zands helped me building my brand and setting up my documentation for my business and website. She is very approachable and open minded.
Zands was quick to help a fellow VA. She's confident, creative, and positive! I look forward to seeing her soar in this field.
Ally Rae
Social Media Manager
That was amazing. You knew exactly what I was talking about and your teaching manner was so patient. I can't thank you enough.

Digital Marketing
South Africa
So grateful for the help and guidance that Zands has provided me. Starting a VA business is stressful, I felt absolutely lost starting on my own. Having Zands as a mentor, providing me with the guided steps and 1-on-1 assistance has been invaluable.
What an amazing experience to be mentored by Zands. She guided me every step of the way with patience and a positive attitude. She understood the concept and image I wanted to create as an Executive VA (even when I sometimes lack the ability to explain what I wanted) and she exceeded my expectations by far. I will recommend her over and over. Thank you Zands, may we continue to work together in the future.
Since working with Zands, I have learnt so much. She helped me with developing my website, finding clients, learning new social media strategies and so much more.
She is always helpful and is amazing at giving feedback!

I began my VA journey with Zands. She was my first REAL coach! Zands offered great advice even after she had been tackling a busy day. As I applied myself while working through Zands' resources, it was made clear to me, that my current skills are enough and I can begin to offer services to clients right away. I gained my first client with Zands, she stepped right in to help me with the new client onboarding process and has been encouraging me in my business ventures ever since. If you are just starting out in the VA industry I recommend joining the 30DayVA Mentorship with Zands. She will have your VA business up and running in NO time!