While you're building your EMPIRE,
VAS will take care of the nitty-gritty!

Welcome to TEAM VAS

Taking care of ALL your Online Business needs since 2017

The VAS agency supports entrepreneurs in the Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Coaching space who are ready to eliminate, automate, or delegate their nitty gritty shitty task.

You can’t be expected to do everything behind the scenes and still SHOW UP for your clients. 

We GOT you! 


Partner with your own Online Business Manager and Team 

A badass 5-person team at your disposal. From designers, copywriters, social media managers, PR specialists, website developers and course builders.

An expert team lead by females ready to take care of the nitty-gritty-behind-the-scenes stuff allowing you to free up time and actually show up as the CEO of your business!


Become a Virtual Assistant with our 30DVA Mentorship 

Build your own Virtual Assistant business in as little as 30 days. 

A one-of-a-kind 1:1 Mentorship program with Zands and her team.

Build a successful online business with her guidance and wave goodbye to your dreadful 9-5!


Private 1:1 Consulting for CEO’s and Entrepreneurs who are stagnant, and startups.

Time to stop throwing things at the wall that’s not meant to stick! 

Become ONE with your brand and have confidence in your products or services though this
executive 1:1 partnership like no other! 

A blueprint approach made to level-up your strategy, scale your business, and finding clarity.


Intuitive Business & Abundance Coach,
Multi 7-Fig Business Owner

Zands has been an absolute gift to my business.

I am running a 7 figure empire that absolutely requires a rock solid team. 

And I have very high standards for customer service and how things get done.

She is responsive, takes accountability, is able to adjust on quick timelines, and has really taken the time to stay organized, refine processes and ensure my business is running as smoothly as possible.

She is also quick to learn new things, and always looks for the most efficient way to complete tasks.

We are in touch Monday – Friday and I absolutely could not have the ease in business I have without her.

She is a fantastic right hand woman and I’m eternally grateful to have her on board!

Time Together: Since July 2021

Stress & Confidence Coach,
Motivational Speaker

Working with Zands has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

It has been like air for me. I didn’t know that I needed her as bad as I needed her until I got her in my life. 

She has helped me understand how to grow my businessShe has pushed me but not beyond my limits.

She helped me understand how certain actions would move my business along and worked with me when I was ready to take certain actions.

I’ve worked with her for a year and I look forward to many more and I wish it was already longer by being able to work with her and trust her the way I do.

Zands is my teammate and she is a friend and I would encourage anyone and everyone to work with her.

And quite frankly I have because she is organized.

She is reliable. She communicates well, she is creativeShe has a great team that works for her and she will definitely move your business in the right direction.

She’s been the best decision that I’ve made and I can’t think of any reason anyone shouldn’t work with her.

Time Together: Since June 2021

Sober Curious Fitness Mentor and Coach,
WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete

Zands is absolutely my lifeline!

I couldn’t do it without her!

She is organized, knows this niche inside out, and gets it done!

Highly, HIGHLY recommend VAS!

Time Together: Since April 2020

Hashimoto’s Fitness Expert
Health Coach

I have a great time working with Zands as my online business manager and I would highly recommend her.

She is super organized, gets things done is always there when you need her, willing to put in extra time and effort to make  sure things get done.

I would highly recommend working with her if you need any help with your online business or as a virtual assistant.

Time Together: Since April 2022

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